Order your tickets in the ticketshop. Do you have questions about tickets? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here. 

Frequently asked questions about tickets

  • It is not possible to cancel tickets. You can reschedule your ticket to another date. Rescheduling is only possible to the same swimming activity. Have you booked with an account? Follow these steps:

    1. Log in with your account on the ticket shop
    2. Choose: 'Mijn profiel'
    3. Choose: 'Reeds gekochte e-tickets en abonnementen'
    4. Choose: 'Mijn groepslessen' (also when changing tickets for recreational swimming and lane swimming)
    5. You will see an overview with all your purchased tickets. Click the 'Verplaatsen' button and choose a new date and time.

    Checked out as a guest?
    Reschedule the activity using the link in the booking confirmation. You will then receive a new ticket. Please note: if you are going to move a reservation again, use the link from the first reservation e-mail.

    1. Go to the ticket shop
    2. Book the activity(s) and pay with iDEAL, bank contact or credit card
    3. You will receive your e-ticket with QR code in your mailbox
    4. Print the ticket or scan the QR code on your ticket directly from your phone
    • iDEAL
    • Creditcard  
    • Bancontact
  • To participate in a swimming activity, you need a valid ticket. You can order these in advance in our ticket shop.

    If you (or your family) regularly come to the Geusseltbad for recreational swimming or lane swimming, it may be advantageous to purchase a card with multiple entries. This also applies to healthcare swimming. 

  • When you order a single ticket, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your ticket(s) with QR code attached. This ticket gives you access to the pool 15 minutes before the start of the swimming activity. Scan the QR code at the entry gates to gain access to the pool.